Investor Relations

Our current projects, as well as our future projects offer the opportunity to invest in internationally marketable, top-class cast and top quality feature films for theatrical release, which fulfill all criteria for a successful commercialization.

Rockoco Films is going to deploy high-profile Hollywood actors for its film productions. The cast is chosen to have high marketing potential but also fit the budget.
For every cast there are equal alternatives so the shooting schedule can be followed and won't have to be dependent of the time schedule of any actor in particular.

The film market is international, the trade relations rather onesided, though: the most important and by far the biggest film exporter are the USA (Hollywood) and the rest of the world is buying. So the market is being dominated by American movies. Mainly US films are successful worldwide and are being demanded equally by cinema, DVD, blu-ray and TV evaluators. More than 150 countries are constantly asking for new film contents. Only films in English have the potential to be brought to market in all those licensed territories.
The market share of the total rental revenue of American films reaches in Germany, for instance, an average of approximately 80% constantly.

Film productions are subject to specific production risks. Nevertheless these risks can be reduced by appropriate safety mechanisms. The chance/risk raster can be improved due to measures like marketing guarantees, insurences and contractual configuration in favor of the producers/investors. For the hedging of the film production Rockoco Films will effect all insurances that are usual, like liability, errors and omission bond, negative loss and other usual insurances for film productions.

At your request we would be happy to supply further information regarding the budget, details of the New York Tax Credits Program, the screenplays and other details.

Cain & Abel